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      左 : 小売価格
      中 : ファクトリー ストアー価格

      右 : セールス価格 (7月31日−8月5日)

    Mens Apparel

    Polo Jeans Co. Denim52.0034.9929.99
    Short Sleeve Knits (Solid)49.5036.9929.99
    Short Sleeve Knits (Stripe)59.5039.9932.99
    Oxford Cloth Shirts55.0039.9934.99
    Long Sleeve & Henley69.5039.9934.99
    Corduroy & Chino Pants68.5039.9934.99
    Fall Plaid & Solid Chino Shirts79.5049.9939.99
    All Chambray & Denim Shirts72.5049.9939.99
    Crewneck Fleece Tops75.0054.9944.99
    Fall Rugbys115.0059.9949.99
    Lined Chino Sweaters125.0059.9949.99
    Cashmere Sweaters 397.50179.99149.99
    Polo Universty Sportcoats & Navy Blazers265.00229.00179.99

    Womens Apparel

    Polo Jeans Co. Denim52.0034.9929.99
    Cotton Shirtings98.0049.9939.99
    Cotton Crewneck Sweaters 85.0059.9949.99
    Cashmere Sweaters 360.00159.99129.99
    Fall Ralph Fashino Suitings : Jackets475.00229.99199.99
    Fall Ralph Fashion Suitings : Pants325.00149.99129.99
    Fall Ralph Fashion Suitings : Skirts195.0099.9979.99


    Mens Boxers17.5012.999.99
    Chino Baseball Caps35.0019.9914.99
    Polo Eau de Toilette45.0019.9914.99
    Lauren Eau de Toilette 45.0038.2541.00
    Active Color Block Sport Bags85.0059.9944.99

    All Socks : Buy 2 pair, get the 3rd pair free

    Home Collection

    Flannel Sheets20.007.995.99
    Polo Solid Towels16.009.997.99
    Density Bed Pillows19.0012.999.99
    Laundered Chino Bedding125.0079.9959.99

    Boys Apparel

    Cotton Sweaters : Size 4-740.0029.9924.99
    Cotton Sweaters : Size 8-2048.0035.9929.99
    Crewneck Fleece Tops : Size 4-733.0024.9919.99
    Crewneck Fleece Tops : Size 8-1038.0029.9924.99
    Oxford Shirts : Size 4-730.0023.9919.99
    Oxford Shirts : Size 8-1035.0025.9921.99
    Plaid Shirts : Size 4-740.0028.9922.99
    Plaid Shirts : Size 8-2045.0032.9925.99
    Chino Pants : Size 4-729.0022.9918.99
    Chino Pants : Sine 8-2032.0024.9919.99

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